Our Services

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At Sam Trimmer Tree Services, we offer a comprehensive range of tree and arboriculture services. Whether you want to plan your services in advance or require an emergency service, our professional and highly-skilled team can accommodate the size and scale of work.


Our services include, but are not limited to:


Crown Clearing

The removal of rubbing branches, snapped limbs, diseased wood or epicormic growth.


Crown Lifting 

The removal or reduction of the lower branches to create a higher canopy.


Crown Reduction

The reducing of the outer crown of a tree without decreasing the density.


Crown Thinning

Removal of a percentage of inner branches from the inner crown of a tree. This is done without disrupting the shape of a tree.


Dead Wooding

The removal of dead material within trees.



Aerially dismantling a tree to avoid obstacles, ground damage and to keep work within tight areas and boundaries.



The complete removal of a tree.


Hedge Cutting and Reductions 

The trimming and/or lowering in height of a hedgerow.



The removal of all growth, leaving only the main framework of a tree.


Site Clearance

The complete clearance of an area for building or re-landscaping.


Stump Grinding

The complete removal of a stump using specialist machinery.


Tree Surveys

A comprehensive review, providing relevant and useful information on the site at hand, enabling property managers or homeowners to make informed decisions.


Wind Blown and Storm Damaged Trees

We offer an emergency call out service for any dangerous trees.


Woodland Management

The continuous and sustainable management of a woodland to industry standards.


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