Services Offered

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Crown Clearing – Removal of rubbing branches, snapped limbs, diseased wood or epicormic growth.

Crown Lifting – Removal of the lower branches or a reduction of the lower branches to create a higher canopy.

Crown Reduction – Reducing the outer crown of a tree without decreasing the density.

Crown Thinning – Removal of a percentage of inner branches from the inner crown of a tree. This is done without disrupting the shape of a tree.

Dead Wooding – Removal of dead material within trees.

Dismantles – Aerially dismantling a tree to avoid obstacles, ground damage and to keep work within tight areas and boundaries.

Felling- Complete removal of a tree.

Hedge cutting and reductions – The trimming and/or lowering in height of a hedgerow.

Pollarding – Removal of all growth leaving only the main framework of a tree.

Site Clearance – Complete clearance of an area for building or re-landscaping.

Stump Grinding – Complete removal of a stump using specialist machinery.

Tree Surveys – Provides useful information on trees so that property managers or homeowners can make informed decisions.

Wind blown or storm damages trees – Emergency call out service for any dangerous trees.

Woodland Management – Sustainable management of a woodland to industry standards.